If you live in the developed world, software affects almost everything you do. The alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning; the mobile banking application you use to manage your money and even that smart technology helping the pilot keep a plane in the sky is made possible by the software.

Lepsta, like any modern company, understands the role and the importance of software in our lives. Most importantly, what it takes to make this all possible. And this is why the company was founded.

Why Lepsta exists

To demystify software development and make it easy for anyone to build reliable software, fast.

Software Engineering is one of the newest branches of engineering. It is the only branch of engineering that exists in isolation and in a totally artificial environment.

This presents a lot of challenges such as the ever-changing nature of tools and processes. This makes it hard for people to catch up and establish standards and processes that ensure consistent quality and reliability of the software they produce.

What we do

Lepsta attempts to build tools and initiatives that help software developers and teams of any maturity level take advantage of automation and streamlined processes to build high-quality software at a fast pace. The increase in the speed of production means an increase in the speed and agility of innovation and this gives people the power to create new possibilities.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the Global DataSphere is expected to reach an estimated 175 zettabytes by 2025. The world needs software engineers to exploit this data and make the world a better place.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We study existing processes that high maturity teams are already deriving success from and identify opportunities to take away mundane tasks through different modes of automation to further improve them. While doing so, we work with the community to hone our approach and find ways to empower software developers to get better at what they do.

Simplicity is key! Therefore ease of use is borne in mind in everything we do.