Debugging software after release is costly, time-consuming and... well, sucks!

Lepsta is a software development platform that helps developers produce high-quality software at a fast rate. To achieve this, Lepsta focuses on the following to help developers with their day-to-day responsibilities;

Automatic code synchronisation

Every time you save your code, Lepsta automatically versions it for you and syncs it to the cloud. Which means your work in progress is in all your devices without pushing and pulling everywhere.

Early defect detection

To reduce the cost and complexity of bugs, it is best to prevent them from being created in the first place. Lepsta can be configured to check for issues on your code while you are coding.

Shortened feedback loops - real-time code reviews

Lepsta makes it easy to get/give feedback to/from other developers. You don't even need to commit and push your work, because Lepsta does this for you, which allows others to give you feedback when you need it.