Lepsta and Geekulcha have established a partnership to help hackathon participants collaborate efficiently to deliver maximum value on the little time they have working on projects. This partnership also aims to improve the sustainability of hackathon spin-off projects using the Lepsta collaboration platform.

Who is Lepsta?

Lepsta is a technology company that focuses on helping software developers build high-quality software, faster. Lepsta does this by advancing technologies that help optimise the development process through automation.

Get to know Lepsta
Lepsta aims to demystify software development and make it easy for anyone to build reliable software, fast.

Who is Geekulcha?

Geekulcha is a South African technology company focusing on building vibrant technology ecosystems for "geeks". One of their many ways of doing this is organising and facilitating hackathons for various stakeholders around the country to encourage geeks to help solve real problems through technology.

Why this partnership make sense

Both organisations have a shared interest of developing ecosystems where people come together to build solutions for everyday problems.

Over the past 3 years, Lepsta has built a community of over 4000 software developers across 11 cities in Africa with the aim of sparking developer interest in innovation and technology advancement. While this has been heavily driven by knowledge sharing initiatives such as meetups and tech-talks, Lepsta is looking to take it a step further to create a platform that allows people to apply what they learn to solve real problems.

Using its collaboration platform, Lepsta aims to help developers build distributed teams that can collaborate on projects together. This effectively breaks the borders and allow developers from even different countries to work together to solve problems while sharing knowledge. Partnering with Geekulcha on this makes a lot of sense as their activities perfectly complement Lepsta's initiatives.

It is a shared belief of this partnership that the integration of the Lepsta platform into Geekulcha's hackathons (and other initiatives) will help generate sustainable projects through better collaboration among geeks.

Lepsta Developers - looking into software skills development
On a mission to create an ecosystem of creators. A place where collaboration does not just end with sharing information, but where we go the extra mile to apply what we learn to solve real problems.

What you can expect going forward

The first step that is being taken through this partnership is introducing the Geekulcha community to the Lepsta Platform. This is done to gradually establish this platform as a central cog in the facilitation of hackathons to help geeks make the most of the little time they have during the events.

The next step is providing support to geeks and developers to help them evolve their hackathon projects into viable solutions. This will be done through partnership with the Lepsta Developers community to encourage collaboration between junior and more experienced developers.

How you can get involved

There are multiple ways you can help make this a productive partnership:

Invitation to use Lepsta
Lepsta is a collaboration platform that provides automatic code syncing and versioning. We are inviting a handful of developers to use it at the Geekulcha Annual Hackathon in March. Selected Developers will be given training prior the hackathon. If you wish to be selected please complete this form.
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Partner Introduction: Meet Lepsta
Meet Lepsta, a version control tool and code syncing service built with the core purpose of helping software teams collaborate. Now if you’re familiar with version control tools such as GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab and the likes thereof you may be wondering how Lepsta is different? In this blog article…

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